On this page, I list all the job leads and sites I list in my blog, tossing in some extra sites I don’t put in there. My hope is that eventually this will grow into a huge and useful listing for writers who are looking for job options, writer’s guidelines, and resources.

Sites, Newsletters, and Blogs Listing Writing Jobs

http://www.freelancewritinggigs.com/ — Deborah Ng’s blog is an amazing assortment of hand-picked writing opportunities. She pre-selects only the opportunities that pay more than $10 and seem legit. She is my hero.

http://www.artsworks.orgJobs for those interested in working in the arts

http://www.fundsforwriters.com — This is a site I visit all the time and I don’t have enough good things to say about it. Be sure to sign up for the newsletters, too. You’ll get listings of writing jobs, writing markets, writing grants, contests, and much more.

http://jobs.problogger.net/ — Lots of blogging gigs

http://jobs.gawker.com/newmediajobsjobs for bloggers and other writers

http://journalism.berkeley.edu/jobsJobs for J-school grads and other writerly types

http://www.bloggerjobs.bizLots of resources and some blogging gigs

http://www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk/jobs/_jobs.shtmlMedia and news jobs, mostly in the UK

http://www.mediajobsearchcanada.com/job_browse.aspMore media jobs from Canada

http://www.wcdr.org/wcdr/?cat=15 — This job board is worth watching for occasional work-at-home and other writing jobs.

http://www.sunoasis.com/ — This web site is great for finding journalist positions and other writing jobs.

http://www.mediabistro.com/ — Media bistro offers classes and events and lists plenty of media jobs. You need to register to use the site, but registration is free.

http://www.editorandpublisherjobs.com/jobs/ep/index.jsp?JSESSIONID=R4HBGL7J6258mypTMN7phDHpXjPZg0LM7Wz1VbCvGqnC6nsvG3ry!-179007950 — This is a site I just discovered, but it seems like a good resource from what I see so far.

http://www.newsjobs.net/ — Writing and news job leads.

http://jobs.copyeditor.com/home/index.cfm?site_id=502 — If you are more interested in editing jobs rather than just writing jobs, try this web site.

http://www.writersweekly.com/markets_and_jobs.phpAngela Hoy runs this fabulous site, which features many print markets as well as writing-related jobs. Be sure to check out the “warnings” section to find out about scam artists you will want to avoid.

http://www.thegoldenpencil.com/ — Anne Wayman’s blog regularly features listings of writing jobs.

http://www.jeffgaulin.com/ — This web site features lots of writing jobs in Canada.

http://www.writingjobroll.com/ — John Hewiit lists lots of job leads.

http://www.journalismjobs.com/ — Another great site for writing-related jobs.

http://sfbay.craigslist.org/ — Lots of writers use Craigslist to hunt for freelance gigs. I have to admit, I have found a number of clients via this site, but I would suggest proceeding with caution. The site is easy enough to use – just click on a city near where you live, click on “writing” under “jobs” or “gigs” and you will be shown ads for jobs. However, some jobs are low-paying and many are posted anonymously, so you never know what you will get. Proceed with caution.

http://www.online-writing-jobs.com/ — The job board from freelancewriting.com lists some low-paying jobs, so you will also want to proceed with caution. However, they do have some good gigs (usually) in their higher-paying writing job section.

http://www.writingcareer.com/writingjobs/index.php?c=1 – Various jobs listed. Almost all are writing related.

http://jobs.iabc.com/c/search_results.cfm?site_id=65 – Lots of jobs in the communication industry.

http://www.newsjobs.com/ — Jobs from The National Diversity Newspaper Job Bank (NDNJB).

http://www.poewar.com/jobs/ — A really great site listing new jobs daily.

http://www.writers-editors.com/Writers/News_Items/news_items.htmThe Cassell Network of Writers (CNW) lists job opportunities for writers.

http://www.magazine.org/careers/ — Job opportunities in publishing.

http://www.ed2010.com/jobsA great site for editing and writing jobs – most of these jobs you won’t see on other sites, either.

http://www.creativehotlist.com/ — Lots of creative jobs, including writing jobs.

http://magazinescanada.ca/careers.php?cat=careersThe Magazines Canada Career Centre.

http://jobs.scripps.com/?division=14&location=&department=&keywords=&jobId=&search=Search – Lots of media jobs, most in the US.

http://careers.poynter.org/search/browse/ — This website from Dan Poynter has lots of media-related jobs on offer. Well worth noting.

http://www.onlinecontentuk.org/jobs.htmlLots of UK media and content jobs, some offering telecommuting options.

http://www.responsesource.com/jobs/ — Lots and lots of media, editing, and writing jobs.

http://www.milkmanunlimited.com/jobs.htmJobs in the Canadian radio world.

http://www.aasfe.org/jobs/index.phpJobs at US newspapers.

http://www.book-people.net/bpjobs.html#J21 – Jobs from the UK book industry.

http://jobs.libraryjournal.com/ — Library jobs.

http://www.publishingnews.co.uk/pn/pnc/index.asp?sg9t=4d27611bd1af5d69ff13fae385a74961 — More jobs from the UK book industry.

https://map.rtnda.org/careercenter/CC58SearchForJobs.aspx — Journalism and writing jobs from the Radio-Television News Directors Association.

http://www.recruitmedia.co.uk/jobs/editorial.aspx — Editing jobs from a UK recruiter.

http://www.technicalwriter.computerjobs.com/ — Lots of technical writing jobs here.

http://www.tefl.net/esl-jobs/esl-jobs.pl — ESL teaching jobs from around the world.

http://tvandradiojobs.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/classifieds.cgi — Media jobs in the US.

http://www.justtechwriterjobs.com/ — Terrific job search for technical writers.

http://www.kppublishing.com/jobseekers.html — This site from book industry recruiters allows you to search for UK jobs in the industry.

http://www.lostremote.com/media/jobs — Media jobs in television.

http://jobs.magazine.org/search.cfm — Jobs at magazines.

http://www.naree.org/index.php?submenu=JobListing&src=jobs&category=Job%20Listings%20from%20Members – Jobs for real estate writers.

http://www.netread.com/jobs/jobs/ — Lots of jobs for writers, editors, designers, and artists in the publishing industry, but most are based in the US.

http://www.prsa.org/jobcenter/main/ — The Public Relations Society of America has a number of jobs of interest to writers in the PR field.

http://www.nationjob.com/media/jobs — Marketing and media jobs.

http://www.ap.org/apjobs/index.html — The Associated Press usually has plenty of jobs on offer.

http://www.thebookseller.com/jobs — Jobs in the UK in the book industry.

http://tbs.careercast.com/js.php — Lots of media and communication jobs.

http://www.csne.org/jobs/postings.html — The California Journalism Job Bank has lots of recent jobs, mostly with newspapers.

http://www.fims.uwo.ca/employment/index.htm — This job board lists j-school grad job options in Canada, the US, and overseas.

http://www.councilscienceeditors.org/jobbank/position_available.cfm — The Council of Science Editors posts lots of jobs of interest to science writers.

http://www.career-file.com/ — Canadian and American public relations, communications and marketing industry jobs – just click on “employment opportunities.”

http://www.journalism.co.uk/10/ — Just click on “jobs” – there are so many good jobs here, it makes me wish I lived in the UK….

http://www.ire.org/jobs/ — The job board for Investigative Reporters and Editors.

http://jobs.copyeditor.com/home/index.cfm?site_id=502 – A great job board for copy editors.

http://chasingthemuse.blogdrive.com/ — This great site lists writing jobs Monday through Friday.

http://www.corecreativegroup.com/ — a blog with lots of writerly jobs on tap.

http://aan.org/alternative/Aan/Jobs The Association of Alternative Newsweeklies (AAN) has a good job bank.

http://www.careerjet.co.uk/search/query.html?t=&s=freelance+writer&r=54&l=&c=&y=&p= — Another great UK job site featuring lots of freelance writing gigs.

http://www.citymag.org/jobs.html — The City and Regional Magazine Association has a number of jobs on tap.

http://www.editorandpublisher.com/eandp/classifieds/index.jsp — Another great job site from a major industry publication.

http://www.emwa.org/Workavail.html — Great job leads for European medical writers.

http://www.freelancebbs.com/ — A great job search site for creative professionals of all stripes.

http://www.thefreelancehub.com/ — A site listing freelance writing gigs.

http://www.freelancers.net/cgi/search_vac.pl?search=writer&days=all – Freelance writing jobs galore.

http://publishingcareers.blogspot.com/ — A fabulous place to get job leads in the publishing field.

http://www.h-net.org/jobs/ — H-net has a job bank for academic jobs and calls for papers (http://www.h-net.org/announce/).

http://www.mastheadonline.com/ed.htm — A job bank of magazine jobs, many in Canada.

http://www.tmn.co.uk/vacancies.asp — A great site for UK media jobs.

http://www.noagenciesplease.com/ — A recruitment site for new media freelancers. No fees.

http://dailyjoblist.telecommuting-writing-jobs.com/ — A great blog of telecommuting writing jobs.

http://jobs.cyberjournalist.net/a/jbb/find-jobs — Job postings, many in the media industry.

https://be.freelancersunion.org/s/index.php/projects/projectsSearch/search/reset/ — The freelancer’s union has a whole page of gigs.

http://jobs.freelanceswitch.com/ — Lots of freelance jobs here. Be sure to scroll down to see the writing and blogging gigs.

http://jobs.iabc.com/home/index.cfm?site_id=65 – A jobs site for those in the PR industry. Writing jobs sometimes crop up here.

http://www.online-writing-jobs.com/ — This is one of the more established writing job banks. Sometimes has many low-paying gigs, but decent jobs do show up here.

http://www.bbboston.org/pageJobs.cfm — The Bookbuilders of Boston list a number of writing and editing jobs.

http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=24 – The Absolute Write forum is a great resource. The job board occasionally posts writing jobs.

http://dailyjoblist.telecommuting-writing-jobs.com/2007/10/telecommuting-writing-jobs-freelance_03.html — Telecommuting writing jobs, listed every day.

http://www.blogowogo.com/blog_article.php?aid=1011516&t=12 – A blog listing writing jobs.

http://www.writerleads.com/ — Charisse Van Horn’s blog lists writing jobs regularly.

http://allfreelancewriting.com//freelancewriting/freelance-writing-jobs/ — Jennifer Mattern’s blog lists lots of writing job gigs.

http://wn.goldenprose.com/?q=node/1190 — Listings of writing jobs, updated often.

http://www.asbpe.org — The American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) has a job bank.

http://www.creativecentral.com/cc/JobUList.asp — Creative Central is a web site that lets you browse and search for jobs in creative industries (including writing).

http://www.cpb.org/jobline/ — Jobs in public broadcasting.

http://www.publishinghelp.com/editors/eoclas.shtml — Jobs for editors and some copywriters from Editors Only classifieds.

http://careerbank.naa.org/search.cfm — Lots of jobs in newspapers, as well as internships. Most are in the US, although some Canadian jobs do crop up.

http://www.variety.com/index.asp?layout=variety_careers – Online media and writing job search board.

http://jobs.publishersweekly.com/ — Publishers Weekly has a Job Zone that lists lots of jobs in editing and publishing fields.

http://www.corecreativegroup.com/ — This web site posts regular writing gigs.

http://themusepub.blogspot.com/ — This blog posts plenty of job opps.

http://angelface79.vox.com/ — This blog lists legitimate work-from-home opportunities. Most are not writing gigs, but some research and editing jobs do crop up here, so it is worth checking out.

http://www.thejournalist.ca/jobsearch — This is a list of resources that leads to job-hunting resources for writers.

http://www.justonlinejobs.com/search.php — You can search for writing jobs here, although some of the results seem to take me to bidding sites.

http://freelancemarketingjobs.com/ — This is a blog listing marketing jobs. Copywriting jobs do crop up here.

http://www.genuinejobs.com/members/jobdetails.php?Job_ID=10608 – This site gathers writing jobs via Google and posts them on one easy-to-find page.

http://notesfromawannabewahm.blogspot.com/2008_02_01_archive.html — This blog lists work-from-home jobs. Some are writing-related.

http://performancing.com/forum/326 — Lots of blogging jobs listed here.

http://www.creative-weblogging.com/50226711/jobs.php — A blog with lots of writing jobs, blogging jobs, and editing opportunities.

http://www.netread.com/jobs/jobs/ — Lots of jobs for writers, editors, designers, and professionals in the publishing industry.

http://www.inanews.com/about/viewlistings.php — The Iowa Newspaper Association has a job listings page.

http://www.mna.org/mna-resources/mnajob.html — The Minnesota Newspaper Association lists lots of jobs for writers.

http://nenews.org/jobs/index.html — The New England Newspaper Association has a job bank.

http://www.njpa.org/njpa/jobs/index.html — The New Jersey Press Association has a job page.

http://www.ncpress.com/ncpa/jobbank.html — The North Carolina Press Association lists jobs for writers and editors.

http://www.orenews.com/cgi-bin/internal/database/jobs/showjobs.cgi — ONPA member newspapers regularly advertise writing and editorial jobs on this page.

http://www.snpa.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=CircuitAddOn.employment – The Southern Newspaper Publishers Association lists news jobs, writing and editorial positions, and internships here.

http://db.texaspress.com/jobbank/ — The Texas Press Association has a job bank.

http://www.vpa.net/jobs.htm — Jobs at Virginia newspapers.

http://www.allfreelancework.com/ — You need to register, but it’s free to do so. Jobs range from low-paying to decent gigs.

http://www.aquent.com/ — This recruitment company offers creative staffing and marketing solutions to businesses. Their page has a job search function, or you can send in your CV and register with the company.

http://www.freelanceq.com/ — This site allows you to register for free and will troll the web for you, looking for freelance work opportunities that meet your search criteria. A handy tool for job-seekers and a neat way to find lots of opportunities.

http://www.sologig.com/ — This is another website that has you register before you can get any gigs. It is not a bid site, but I notice that most employers do not post the fees they want to pay – you apply for the job and “negotiate” with the employer about fees. This can work against you, especially if lots of other writers apply. This isn’t a freelance bid site, but the results may be similar. Still, some of you may like it.

http://www.talentzoo.com/website/content/ — This is a terrific site for marketing, advertising, and media jobs. Writing and editing jobs are often posted here.

http://www.knowthis.com/careers.htm — A good site for marketing jobs. Writing and technical writer jobs often crop up here.

http://www.georgiawriters.org/content/category/4/42/59/ The Georgia Writers Association lists opportunities for writers.

http://bcwriters.com/publishers.php — Here is a list of Canadian publishers. Great resource if you are looking for a publisher for your book.

http://www.ewa.org/desktopdefault.aspx?page_id=201 – The National Education Writers Association lists grants, resources, and potential markets.

http://www.nyabj.org/jobopportunities.htm — The New York Association Of Black Journalists lists job opportunities.

http://www.npr.org/about/jobs/index.html — There are many editorial and some writing opportunities in public radio.

http://jobs.nna.org/home/index.cfm?site_id=118 – The National Newspaper Association has plenty of newspaper jobs available.

http://www.freelancebloggingjobs.com/ — Lots of blogging jobs here.

http://www.musemasters.com/ — This website lists jobs as well as good job-hunting resources.

http://www.marketingtips.com/careers/index.php — Writers with knowledge of internet marketing will find many opportunities here.

http://careers.foliomag.com/ — Folio magazine’s job board has editorial, writing, and related positions. Many jobs are US-based.

http://www.writtenroad.com/wr/market-leads/ — Travel gigs here, but you do have to sift through some non-paying or low-paying jobs to find them.

http://www.inserttexthere.com/ — A big list of links to job search sites for writers.

http://jobsinpods.com/ — Jobs in podcasting. Includes some writing gigs.

http://www.podcast411.com/jobs.html — More podcasting jobs.

http://www.podcastingnews.com/tools/podcasting_jobs.php — yet another site with podcasting jobs and some writing jobs.

http://www.redgoldfish.co.uk/new-media-jobs.html — New media jobs in the UK, including some writing jobs.

http://www.blogher.com/forums/blogher-news-forums/job-listings-and-gigs-0 — This forum lists a number of blog writing jobs.

http://www.mediauk.com/ — Media jobs in the UK

http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/PayingWrit erJobs – Join the PayingWriterJobs group on Yahoo to get fresh writing job leads daily.

http://www.freelance-writing-career.com/writing-jobs — Subscribe to this feed and get new job leads every day. Many are from bid sites, but there are some non-bid jobs worth hunting for.

http://www.dailytelecommuter.com/ — This cool blog posts daily job leads for telework jobs – including writing gigs.

http://jobs.copyblogger.com/ — A newer job board for bloggers.

http://www.demandstudios.com/writers-application.html — Demand studios has a number of web sites they need writers for. Mostly, they seem to be looking for US-based writers.

http://www.literaturetraining.com/metadot/index.pl?id=2382 – Writing jobs in the UK

http://forum.authorityblogger.com/forumdisplay.php?s=ef01e89b966def7d1bfa41e5c6b8e05b&f=14 – This forum lists lots of blogging jobs, although you will have to sift through some low-paying and non-paying gigs to find the better jobs.

http://wfhmarket.com/jobs/ — WFH Market lists jobs, including many blogger jobs. Updated regularly, as far as I can see.

http://www.mylifetime.com/about-us/jobs — My Lifetime TV often posts jobs for writers, marketers and others. Some jobs are on-site, some are freelance, and many are based in the US.

http://www.mediajobmarket.com/jobs/index.jsp — Lots of jobs for media professionals here. Many are based in the US.

http://noodletools.com/debbie/literacies/basic/yngwrite.html — Lots of opportunities for young writers are posted here.

Markets/Where to Submit Sites:

http://www.jbwb.co.uk/novmark.htmlIf you are a novelist, check out this site for figuring out where to submit.

http://www.fundsforwriters.com – This fabulous site lists plenty of markets and contests, too.

http://www.organizedwriter.com/guidelines.htmThe Organized Writer is a great resource. Check out the whole site and then hit this page to see where you can submit your queries and finished pieces.

http://www.writingfordollars.com/guidelines.cfmIf you are looking for free writer’s markets and guidelines, this is great site. Sign up for their free newsletter, too.

http://www.publist.com/ — Not necessarily just for writers, this is a great spot to learn more about publications in different fields. Lots of free information here. If you are looking for a publication to place an article or piece, just follow the links to each publication’s masthead or submission guidelines.

http://www.writersweekly.com/markets_and_jobs.phpAngela Hoy runs this fabulous site, which features many print markets as well as writing-related jobs. Be sure to check out the “warnings” section to find out about scam artists you will want to avoid.

http://www.writerswrite.com/writersguidelines/ — Lots of writer’s guidelines to place that article, story, filler, or other piece.

http://www.freelancewriting.com/guidelines/pages/ — This site has more guidelines for those who want to break into print.

http://anthologynewsandreviews.blogspot.com/ — This site lists many calls for anthologies. Most calls seem to be for paid anthologies.

http://www.absolutemarkets.com/ — Sign up for the free or paid newsletter to get markets delivered right to your inbox.

http://www.placesforwriters.com/ — This Canadian site lists lots of places where you can submit your work. Just note that some of the markets listed are non-paying.

http://www.laurahird.com/litmagcentral.htmlA long listing of literary magazines, some of which are non-paying.

http://spj.org/blog/blogs/freelance/ — A blog listing writing jobs, especially for journalists (although other writing jobs crop up from time to time).

http://www.gebbieinc.com/magurl.htmThis site lists magazines and newspapers (Look under “media links” who may accept work from freelancers.

http://home.snafu.de/gadfly/a-c.htmI’m not sure how often this site is updated, but lots of very detailed submission guidelines here.

http://www.internet-resources.com/writers/markets/online-guidelinesAB.htm#AAA – A huge listing of places accepting pieces from writers.

http://www.writersdigest.com/guidelines.aspuse the search feature to find markets for your pieces.

http://www.writersmarket.com/?utm_source=WDG%2Bguidelines&utm_medium=various&utm_campaign=WDG%2Bguidelines%2Bpage – You need to pay to access this site, but it is one of the basic ways to find the most recent information about places to publish your work. They even have handy tools that let you track your submissions. Maybe ask for this as a birthday gift.

http://www.anotherealm.com/prededitors/pema.htmA long list of magazines accepting submissions. Suspicious outfits and companies that have gone out of business are clearly marked. A very useful site.

http://www.anthologiesonline.com/index.htmlIf you want to write for anthologies, you’ll find the latest calls here.

http://www.write4kids.com/wmarket/index.htmlThis web site offers plenty of markets for children’s writers looking to submit their work.

http://www.usnpl.com/ — This site lists all US newspapers by state. It’s a great resource if you want to find newspaper markets for your work. Also a good resource for those who want to find a job in a newsroom.

http://www.grubstreet.org/opportunities/ — Literary magazines looking for submissions, fellowships, and much more.

http://www.burryman.com/markets.html — Lots of markets at this great resource.

http://www.marketlist.com/ — Markets for genre fiction writers.

http://www.internet-resources.com/writers/markets/online-guidelines.htm — Lots of links here to many markets.

http://www2.eng.cam.ac.uk/~tpl/ukmags.html — Literary magazines in the UK. A great resource if you want to publish your literary fiction or poems.

http://www.writemarket.com/ — Lots of markets here, nicely organized by genre.

http://www.onlinenewspapers.com/SiteMap/magazines-sitemap.htm — A list of magazines around the world.

http://www.klariti.com/freelance-writing-jobs/index.shtml — This site lists 99 markets for tech articles.

http://www.ccmc.org/oped.htm#chart – This useful page gives guidelines on how to submit op-ed pieces to a number of newspapers across the US.

http://search.writersweekly.com/search-ww.cgi?cmd=Search&fmt=long&form=extended&GroupBySite=no&m=all&ps=50&q=%22welcomes+new+writers%22&sp=1&sy=1&type=&ul=&wf=2221&wm=wrd&s=SRPD&su=title – This page from Writers Weekly allows you to search specifically for markets that welcome new writers. This is a great place to start if you are new.

http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/pbonline.html — This great site from Louie Crew has a list of poetry markets that accept submissions electronically.

http://www.poetrymachine.com/ — This great site lists lots of markets for poetry – International, Canadian and US markets here.

http://www.writers.ns.ca/periodicals.html — The Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia has a nice page of markets.

http://www.writersreign.co.uk/Markets_for_Writers.html — Markets and writing gigs, mostly in the UK.

http://www.writelit.com/market — Markets listed and updated often.

http://www.smartwriters.com/content/blogcategory/25/18/ — Magazine markets for children’s writers.

http://www.jbwb.co.uk/markets.html — Lots of markets listed, most in the UK. You need to navigate around the site a bit to figure out where the markets are, but it is well worth the effort.

http://home.snafu.de/gadfly/a-c.htm — Canadian paying markets for your work.

http://www.forwriters.com/markets.html — Lots of markets for your work. Most listed here are paying, with some non-paying.

http://storypilot.com/ — A search engine that lets you find markets for your work. Mostly for fantasy and SF writers.

http://www.utmostchristianwriters.com/markets/wrpubs.php — Markets for Christian writers. Not all markets are paying, so read the writer guidelines.

http://bloodletters.com/goblin/?viewall=true – Markets for prose and poetry, mostly SF, horror, and fantasy.

http://www.writingtoheal.com/pew/markets.html — This site lists markets accepting personal essays. Read writer guidelines – not all markets listed are paying ones.

http://www.publication.com/aylad/paying.htm — A list of paying markets (mostly magazines).

http://womenst.library.wisc.edu/mags.htm — Lots of markets. Almost all are women’s publications.

http://www.ralan.com/ — Lots of paying markets for speculative fiction writers.

http://novelandshortstory.com/blog/ — This blog lists markets, conferences, and other opportunities of interest to fiction writers.

http://www.writeradvice.com/markets.html — This web site has lots of great resources, plus markets for writers.

http://www.mississippiwritersguild.com/Writing_for_Publication.html — The Mississippi Writers Guild lists all sorts of markets, organized conveniently by genre.

http://members.aol.com/Raven763/Markets.html — This website lists markets for writers – both paying and non-paying markets here.

http://www.fictionfactor.com/markets.html — Fiction Factor lists markets of interest to the fiction writer.

http://www.duotrope.com/ — A search engine that lets you find markets for your work.

http://www.tippit.com/ — This media company owns a number of publications, mostly in the business field, so it’s a great place when looking for a home for that business piece.

http://www.litline.org/links/journals.html– Lots of markets

http://renegadewriter.wetpaint.com/ — The Renegade Writer Markets Wiki is created by and for writers. There is a growing market listing as well as a discussion forum for writers to place their questions about markets.

http://www.passionatepen.com/ — If you write romance, you will find markets on this site.
http://www.cs.cmu.edu/%7Emslee/mag.html — Speculative fiction markets listed here.
http://www.angelfire.com/ga3/catsandjackets/writingresources.html — Resources and markets for writers.

http://www.cthreepo.com/writelinks.html — A great list of writer’s submission guidelines/markets for fiction writers. You have to click around a bit, but it’s worth it.
http://newpages.com/npguides/litmags.htm — Lots of literary journals can be found here.

http://www.theivrytower.com/ — Lots of markets listed here. Many are literary, although there are some non-fiction markets listed as well.

http://main.travelwriters.com/writers/marketnews/listview.asp — Travel markets and writing news listed here. If you are a travel writer (or want to be one), you will find many useful resources at this site.

http://www.freewebs.com/obsessedwriters/hotmarkets.htm — Looking for new markets? This site lists new publications and offers links to the relevant websites. Their “writer resources” page is also very useful.

http://www.writersremember.com/markets.html — A great list of markets for you to consider when looking to place that newest piece of writing.

http://www.harpercollins.com/footer/avonGuidelines.aspx — Are you a romance fiction writer? Here is everything you need to know to break into a huge writing market at Avon.
http://thepoetrymarket.com/ — If you have poems to publish, this resource has the market listings you need to get started.

http://www.coffeebreakforwriters.com/ — Coffee Break for Writers is a monthly ezine for writers. In addition to useful advice, most issues contain market information. The ezine is also currently a paying market.

http://write-from-home.com/paying-markets — Write From Home lists a number of markets, perfect for that article you’ve been meaning to submit.

Companies Hiring Writers and Writing Types Regularly:

https://jobs.bbc.co.uk/fe/tpl_bbc01.aspThe BBC in the UK always has lots of jobs for writers on tap.

http://www.ospreymedia.ca/corporate/Default.asp?section=careersOsprey Media is a media company in Canada.

http://www.metroland.com/corp/employment/ — Another media company out of Canada.

http://about.reuters.com/careers/ — Reuters hires writers

http://www.sunmediajobs.com/search.phpMore Canadian media jobs.

http://www.cbc.radio-canada.ca/jobs/current.shtmlCBC is a leading media outfit in Canada. Great job bank right on their site.

http://www.penguin.co.uk/static/cs/uk/0/aboutus/jobs.htmlA major UK publishers, usually with many jobs on tap.

http://www.wordtechs.com/jobs.htmlThis company offers writing services. Their web site says they do hire new writers.

http://www.fodors.com/about/us/ftp_contact_work.cfmA good company providing travel guides is often on the look out for good writers.

http://www.ottnpublishing.com/contact.htmThis publisher states that they look for freelance writers.

http://www.anaxosinc.com/contact.htmlThis educational media company states on their web site that they are always looking for freelance writers.

http://www.kerrwil.com/namedPageViewer.php?keyword=employment&PHPSESSID=3d891c61c03d4dd0c92b3f22120f6a54 – This communications company mentions on their web site that they are always looking for new people interested in the publishing industry.

http://www.iuniverse.com/careers.htm — The ebook publisher often hires editors of various stripes as well as other writing professionals.

http://www.gannett.com/career/ — Careers available at a huge US media company.

http://www.holtzbrinckusa-jobs.com/ — Lots of jobs from a US publisher. Most jobs are on-site in the US.

http://www.hmco.com/company/careers/careers.html — Lots of career opportunities from a publishing giant.

http://www.wordfirm.com/editorialemploy.htm — This company is always on the look out for writerly pros.

http://www.theatlantic.com/a/intern.mhtml — This media giant has lots of US-based writing and editing jobs.

http://www.abdopub.com/c/@eYd7.t8oa.hnA/Pages/employment.html — The ABDO Publishing Company sometimes has positions open for in-house writers, editors, and graphic designers.

http://www.dnapress.com/index/employment — This science publisher has an employment page that sometimes lists writing positions.

http://www.thomsoncareers.com/index.aspx — A very comprehensive careers page from a major educational company.

http://www.fwpublications.com/careers.asp — F + W is a publishing giant with a variety of jobs usually available.

http://www.gapc.com/corporate_overview/jobs.html — GAPC is a Canadian media company. Their web site states that they are always looking for freelancers.

http://www.allianceatlantis.com/corporate/careers/ — Alliance Atlantis sometimes has content producer and writer jobs available.

http://www.algonquin.com/about/faqs/ — Algonquin books hires editorial freelancers. To find out how to apply, scroll through their FAQ page.

http://www.allworth.com/Articles.asp?ID=124 – Allworth Press has freelance opportunities for editors and indexers.

http://www.amanet.org/aboutama/hr/ — The American Management Association publishes quite a lot of materials and their job board often has at least one or two positions for editors.

http://www.abanet.org/hr/ — The American Bar Association sometimes has a need for editors, reporters, and marketers.

http://www.apa.org/jobs/homepage.html –The American Psychological Association regularly posts editor jobs on their web site.

http://www.arcadiapublishing.com/about.html — Arcadia publishing sometimes lists jobs opportunities and always has internships available.

http://www.augsburgfortress.org/company/employ.jsp — Augsburg Fortress has internships and job opportunities for writers and marketing professionals.

http://avalonbooks.com/faq.html#19 – Avalon Books considers freelance copyediting or proofreading professionals in the New York City metropolitan area only. If you qualify, scroll to the end of the FAQ page for more information or contact them directly with your resume at Editors, Avalon Books, 160 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016.

http://www.travelmatters.com/jobs.php — Avalon travel does not specify what sort of job opportunities they currently have available, but they likely hire editors, readers, and all the likely suspects. Their page offers good instructions for applying. They are based in Tennessee, so on-site jobs would likely be there.

http://www.harpercollinscareers.com/careers/ There are usually some good editorial and assistant editor jobs available over at Harper Collins. Jobs for publicists, librarians and others also crop up.

http://www.wwnorton.com/area4/jobs.htm — Norton sometimes has promising job opps. Their internships seem very attractive.

http://www.barbourbooks.com/about-us/join-our-team/ — Barbour Books is a Christian publisher. Their web site claims that they are always looking for motivated and organized professionals.

http://www.meistermedia.com/modules.php?name=MMW_People&op=opportunities – Meister Media often has spots open for writers and editors.

http://www.key-com.com/index.php — Key Communications is a media company. Their web site claims that they are always looking for new professionals.

http://careers.idg.com/ — International Data Group usually has plenty of editorial jobs on offer.

http://www.cygnuspublishing.com/jobSearch.cfm — Cygnus Business Media has editorial and publishing jobs.

http://www.cbizmedia.com/careers/ — Commonwealth Business Media often has editorial positions open.

http://www.cmp.com/careers/ CMP Technology has positions for copywriters and editors, usually.

http://www.cancom.com/joblistings.php — Canon Communications has a number of jobs of interest to writers and editors. Most are in the US or UK.

http://www.unitedbusinessmedia.com/ubm/workingubm/jobshop/ — United Business Media has positions (editorial and some copywriting, usually) open in the UK and US.

http://www.reedbusiness.apply2jobs.com/ — Reed Business Information has positions available in the US in editorial and publishing fields.

http://www.randallpub.com/careers.shtml Randall Reilly sometimes has editorial positions open.

http://www.putman.net/careers/submit_resume.php — Putman Media sometimes has writing and editing opportunities.

http://www.phillips.com/employment.html — Phillips often has content, writing, and editing jobs available.

http://www.perseusbooksgroup.com/basic/employment.jsp — Basic Books sometimes has editor positions open and they are always accepting resumes.

http://www.battelle.org/careers/index.aspx — Battelle publishes science and tech books and are sometimes in need of editors.

http://www.beacon.org/client/client_pages/about_openings.cfm — Beacon Press often has jobs and internships of interest to writers.

http://www.behrmanhouse.com/job.pdf — Behrman House is often looking for interns, editors, and other professionals.

http://www.mcclatchy.com/108/story/230.html — A newspaper giant with many jobs of interest to writers.

http://www.cnhi.com/employment — Employment opportunities at CNHI newspapers.

http://www.coxnews.com/html/careers.html — Job opportunities at Cox newspapers.

http://www.dowjones.com/Careers/Careers.htm/index.html — Dow Jones have editorial positions and other opportunities of interest to writers.

http://www.freedom.com/jobs/ — Freedom Communications Inc. usually has a number of jobs of interest to writers, mostly in the US.

http://www.hearstcorp.com/human_resources/ — Hearst has many opportunities for editors and some for writers.

http://www.lee.net/careers/ — Lee Enterprises has a number of positions in newspapers.

http://biz.oregonian.com/jobs/ — The Oregonian has lots of newsroom jobs, internships, and some editor positions, usually.

http://gapress.org/classifieds.html — The Georgia Press Association has a classified section that lists Georgia news jobs.

http://www.embanet.com/about_embanet/careers.asp — Embanet is an online education company. They regularly have a need for copywriters and people who can create online educational content. Check back often.

http://www1.recruitingcenter.net/clients/bna/publicjobs/ — The Bureau of National Affairs offers plenty of media and advertising jobs, with some writing opportunities.

http://www.tribjobs.com/ — Tribune has many jobs in the publishing and media fields.

http://www.cnn.com/JOBS/ — CNN has lots of job openings, some for media types and some for writers.

http://www.ingrambook.com/careers/default.asp — Ingram Book Company, one of the biggest book wholesalers, has lots of career opportunities, most in La Vergne, Tennessee.

http://www.reimanpub.com/Revise/Employment.asp?RefURL=&KeyCode=&tdate=&PMCode=&OrgURL= — Reiman Media Group has plenty of job openings, and copywriter jobs crop up here quite regularly.

http://www.knowmoremedia.com/write-for-us.html — Know More Media often has blogging opportunities open.

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3303596/ — MSNBC has lots of editing and some writing jobs available. Worth checking regularly.

http://www.google.com/intl/en/jobs/ — Google hires editors and technical writers.

http://www.ires.ubc.ca/about/employment.html — Tech writing jobs sometimes show up on this site.

http://www.sun.com/corp_emp/ — Sun Microsystems hires technical writers, and has offices around the world.

General Job Sites (use the search or browse functions to look for writing jobs):

http://www.indeed.comLots of jobs if you search “writer.” Be sure to check out their Canadian site if you live up in Canada

http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/ — US Federal jobs – Run a search for “writer”.

http://jobs.gc.ca/menu/alljobs_e.htmCanada government jobs. Search for writing jobs here.

http://jobbank.gc.ca/Related_en.aspx?CT=GVMore Canadian government jobs.

http://jobbank.gc.ca/Intro_en.aspxA general job search page from Canada, listing many writing jobs. Just type in “writer.”

http://www.workopolis.com/ — A huge general job site in Canada. Many major media companies and publications advertise their positions here. Also worth checking out: the extensive resources available on this site.

www.monster.com – Another huge general job search site. Lots of jobs here. Canadians should check out the Canuck version at www.monster.ca

http://jobmarket.nytimes.com/jobs/category/meadia-entertainment-jobs — The New York Times job market. Well worth hunting through.

http://jobs.careerjournal.com/careers/jobsearch/results — This great job board is a general one, but usually has lots of writing jobs on tap if you search for “writer” or the like.

http://www.planetrecruit.com/ — A general job site for tech professionals. Some good tech writing jobs here.

http://www.simplyhired.com/ — This general job site allows you to search many millions of jobs. Usually, they have a good selection of writing and freelance writing gigs.

http://www.stopgap.co.uk/index.cfm?articleid=1286 – This job search is general, but there are many jobs in the PR, advertising, and related fields. Writing jobs do appear some of the time, and most jobs advertised are freelance jobs. Most jobs are in the UK.

http://www.4jobs.com/ — A general job site with lots of writing and editing jobs.

http://www.jobpostings.ca/jobsearch.cfm — A general job search site for Canadians. Plenty of writing jobs here, usually.

http://working.canada.com/atlantic/index.html — Another general job board for Canadians.

http://www.classefind.com/search_category.php?cat=50 – This site allows you to search classified job ads across Canada.

http://www.jobrapido.co.uk/ — A general UK job search site, usually featuring a good range of writing jobs.

http://www.careerbuilder.ca/CA/Default.aspx — A general job site, but with lots of writing jobs.

http://www.jobadsusa.com/jobseekers/search.php3 — A general job site, usually with a good selection of writing and editing gigs.

http://careerlink.com/ A general job site, but often with a good listing of jobs opportunities.

http://www.hotjobs.com/ — A general job site, usually with a number of jobs for writers and editors.

http://jobs.mediageneral.com/ — Lots of media jobs here.

http://www.quintcareers.com/jobres.html — This general job site often has a number of writing jobs.

http://www.basejobs.com/ — This general job site lists some Canadian writing jobs.

http://www.bestjobsca.com/bt-jobs.htm — This is another general job site for Canada. Again, plenty of writing and editing positions here.

http://working.canada.com/atlantic/index.html — Lots of Canadian writing jobs at this general job site.

http://www.extremejobs.ca/ — This cool Canadian job site lists jobs in travel and related industries. It’s an overlooked job resource, but writing jobs do crop up here very regularly.

http://www.jobboom.com/mod-bin/prod/preferences.cgi?back_url=%2Fmod-bin%2Fprod%2Findex.pl – This general job site posts some writing jobs, all in Canada.

http://www.artcareer.net/search-jobs.asp — This website lists jobs for those in the visual arts. However, gigs for grant writers and course writers are also often posted here.

http://www.entertainmentcareers.net/ — Lots of writing jobs in the entertainment industry.

http://www.showbizjobs.com/ — Writing and editing jobs in the show business.

http://jobs.marketingpower.com/search/ — Lots of writing jobs to be found at this job search site for marketers.

http://www.hrjobnet.com/ — This job search site for HR professionals often has writing jobs.

http://www.jobs4hr.com/ — This job bank for HR pros often lists technical writer jobs.

http://www.marketingjobs.com/ — This job site lists some marketing writing opportunities.

http://www.jobrapido.co.uk/ — A general job site out in the UK. Lots and lots of writing jobs.

http://www.eluta.ca/ — This general job search page offers lots of Canadian writing and editing jobs.

http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/forum.asp?forum_id=8 — This is actually a job search site for gaming jobs, but writing-related jobs do crop up here.

http://www.gamejobs.com/content/xml-feed-recent-job-posts — Another site featuring jobs in the gaming world, with some writing jobs posted from time to time.

http://www.dotorgjobs.com/ — This general job search site lists writing jobs.

http://www.work-from-home-directory.com/listings/online-teaching-jobs.html — This site lists writing jobs, including jobs for teaching English and writing.

http://www.tutor.com/ — This site lists teaching jobs. If you want to teach English or writing, you can look for gigs here.

http://esylvan.com/About/AboutCareersTeachers.aspx — You can become an online teacher and teach others your writing skills here.

Writer’s Unions and Groups – Resources for Information (some also have jobs postings):






Writing Resources I Like:

http://querytracker.net/ — You can join this site for free and keep track of all the submissions you sent to literary agents.

http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/ — This is a discussion board where lots of professional writers hang out. It’s a great place to ask a question, get feedback, or just read what everyone else is writing about.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/getwriting/minicourseI love the little courses for writers made available by the BBC.

http://www.advancedfictionwriting.com/ — This is a great site for fiction writers. Randy Ingermanson offers free writing tips, free downloads for writers and a very useful newsletter

http://www.refdesk.com/ — The ultimate reference source for looking up any fact you need for an article (Warning: May be mildly addictive).

http://www.wordpreneur.com — A blog about writing for money.

http://www.anotherealm.com/prededitors/ — Warnings about writing scams. Great site.

http://writing.shawguides.com/ — This great resource lets you search for and find writing conferences by genre or location.

http://www.fmwriters.com/community/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum=17&topic_id=68363&mesg_id=68363&listing_type=search – This site offers a free 2-year novel writing course.

http://www.americanwriters.com/ — This is not a job lead per se, but rather a list of writing-related podcasts. Lots of useful career-building information here.

I’ve also found the following book a great resource: click here on the link to learn how to order