In many cases, freelance business writers writing for companies are outsourced workers by definition. Freelance business writers are third-party contractors, and are often hired to save a company money or to provide better, specialized service. There are many reasons why companies decide to outsource their writing needs:

*Cost. Hiring a writer full-time costs much more than outsourcing to a freelancer.

*Convenience. Often, hiring a freelancer takes less time and effort than hiring a new, full-time worker. With an outsourced writing service, companies do not have to train a new writer, provide a new office for a new worker, or spend additional effort working with the writer – the work the company needs simply gets done and submitted.

*Additional security. A company hiring a new employee is taking a huge risk – the new employee could refuse the job he or she was hired for or may under-perform. Most outsourced workers, though, are under contract. If an outsourced worker does not perform as expected, the company can seek legal help or refuse to pay the writer for work not completed.

*Expertise. A company may not have a professional writer on staff and may not be able to find a qualified writer in their area. Outsourcing allows a company to seek out the best – without considering borders.

*Timing. Outsourced writers can work outside a company’s time zone. This allows work to get completed during the company’s off-hours – all at no extra cost. A company can get more work done in less time this way.

Understanding why companies are turning to you can help you provide more of what companies seek. Start thinking of yourself as an outsourced worker: How can you offer more in each of these areas so that companies can benefit more (and value you more)? How can you develop your expertise, for example, so that you can help more companies? Which time zones can you work in to help companies the most?

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