New media refers to communications methods that make use of the latest technology. While many writers decry the fact that the Internet and other technologies are taking readers away from books, smart writers are rejoicing. Every type of new media is heavily reliant on stables of writers. New video games need writers for story lines. Blogs need writers aplenty. Many of these positions pay quite well, too. New media may be the thing that takes writers out of the garret and into prosperity permanently.

I’m not advocating doing away with magazines and books. These are still great forms of communication and I think they will always exist (and will therefore always need writers). However, just consider the jobs you can land by expanding your job search to writing for:

* Video games. Gamers need new games all the time and an entire industry exists to supply them with new titles. The problem is that game developers and programmers need writers to come up with story ideas and plot lines to keep gamers coming back for more. If you love games and know a bit about game creation, check out sites such as and, where game-related jobs are often posted.

* Multimedia CD-ROMs. Multimedia CD-ROMs are now used by many colleges and even high schools to make learning more interactive and fun. Educational publishers are developing entire series of multimedia CD-ROMs to attract students, parents, and teachers. Best of all, each multimedia product needs to be researched and then written up. These publishers need good writers. If you have an educational background and can write for multimedia, consider checking out sites such as to find jobs.

* Software. It may not seem like it, but each piece of software contains lots of writing – the “help” section or user’s manual needs to be written, as well as individual instructions and marketing copy for each software title. You can find jobs in this field at and

* Web sites. Every word you read or listen to online was once written down by a writer. Today, companies realize that they constantly need fresh content to keep their web sites interesting, and that means that these firms are willing to hire writers en masse. You can easily hook up with a web design firm looking for a writer or you can look for individual writing jobs here: and here:

* Blogs. Blogs are no longer just online journals for angsty teens. Now, marketers and businesses rely on these sites to develop brand identity. As a result, many companies are now paying writers to develop blog posts. If you are willing to write regularly about the same topics, check out the blog jobs at,, and

* Email. Businesses now send so much email and email marketing products that they often need to hire writers to come up with the material. You can write business emails, canned email responses, email newsletters, email ads, autoresponders and much more. If you can write persuasive, professional emails, look for jobs at  

* Mobile devices. Many companies are now coming up with separate websites that are designed to load correctly on cell phones and other portable online devices. If you can write succinctly, these business writing jobs might be right for you.

* Podcasting. Virtually every word that gets sent out over a podcast is written down first. If you can write for radio or for an audio format, you might enjoy writing for podcasts, too. Find these jobs at,, and

You can also find more new media jobs at,, and

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