Fashion is one of those things that I used to not worry about. Working on deadlines and working from home gives me the freedom to wear whatever I want (provided I don’t mind frightening UPS employees when they drop something off at my house). Still, I figured out a while ago that fashion affects my productivity, and ultimately, my success. Schlepping around the house in PJs and slippers, unwashed hair, and bare feet might be fun once in a while, but it does not exactly inspire. It’s hard to feel that you are working when you are dressed for sleep.

Putting on real clothes, on the other hand, makes me feel more productive. It makes sit up straighter and work more. And it does not scare any delivery personnel who stop by. Dressing for success as a freelancer means:

1) Dressing comfortably. If you are at the computer every day, it makes sense to dress in a way that does not constrict. Toss out the tight wardrobe items and the shoes that hurt. Breathing easy is a must.

2) Dressing for success. Do you really think you can make it as a freelance writer if you tell yourself that you can’t afford new clothes? Do you really think you are at your best in old and ratty clothes? Consider what you think a successful writer wears (short of Danielle Steele diamonds) and then start budgeting for those items. See if you don’t sit up a little straighter at your computer.

3) Nice clothes for interviews with clients, editors, publishers, and agents. You need some nice suits (whether you are a man or woman) to wear out. Whether you are having lunch with a prospective client or meeting a source for an interview, you want to be confident, comfortable, and able to project a professional image.