Ghostwriting is a very lucrative type of writing, but it is also a type of writing that is often misunderstood. Ghostwriting involves writing content, articles, or books for someone else and giving up all copyright. The person who hires the copywriter gets to use the written material as they like, and they generally place their name (rather than the author’s) on the written material.

Even though you get no byline, ghostwriting can be a great gig because:

1) It often pays very well. Since you are giving up full rights and since the client will generally be profiting from your writing, you should be charging a pretty penny for this sort of work.

2) It lets you learn and grow. As a ghostwriter, I’ve worked with experts in all sorts of fields and I’ve written in a wide range of styles and voices.

3) Moneymaking opportunities. Once you ghostwrite a book or article for someone, you gain knowledge about the topic (not to mention an “in” with the client). If the topic is an interesting or relevant one, you can usually pitch magazines with related story ideas – you’ve already got the preliminary research done and you have an interview source ready to go. That way, you still get some sort of byline for your hard work.

There are many ghostwriting opportunities out there. You can hang out your own shingle as a ghostwriter or can look for businesses seeking ghostwriters. Just remember that if you are giving up “all rights” you should be handsomely rewarded for it. Stay away from clients who want to pay you very little in exchange for all rights.

Today’s job leads:

1) – The National Newspaper Association has plenty of newspaper jobs available.

2) — Ingram Book Company, one of the biggest book wholesalers, has lots of career opportunities, most in La Vergne, Tennessee.

3) — Reiman Media Group has plenty of job openings, and copywriter jobs crop up here quite regularly.

4) — Know More Media often has blogging opportunities open.

5) — Lots of blogging jobs here.

6) — MSNBC has lots of editing and some writing jobs available. Worth checking regularly.

7) — Google hires editors and technical writers.