I’ve been buried under a huge pile of work and am only now peeking up for air. Thank you for all the kind emails. Hopefully, the rest of this month will be a little more sane. Here are today’s job leads:

1) http://bcwriters.com/publishers.php — Here is a list of Canadian publishers. Great resource if you are looking for a publisher for your book.

2) http://www.ewa.org/desktopdefault.aspx?page_id=201 – The National Education Writers Association lists grants, resources, and potential markets.

3) http://www.nyabj.org/jobopportunities.htm — The New York Association Of Black Journalists lists job opportunities.

4) http://www.cnn.com/JOBS/ — CNN has lots of job openings, some for media types and some for writers.

5) http://www.npr.org/about/jobs/index.html — There are many editorial and some writing opportunities in public radio.

6) http://www1.recruitingcenter.net/clients/bna/publicjobs/ — The Bureau of National Affairs offers plenty of media and advertising jobs, with some writing opportunities.

7) http://www.tribjobs.com/ — Tribune has many jobs in the publishing and media fields.