1) http://www.artcareer.net/search-jobs.asp — This website lists jobs for those in the visual arts. However, gigs for grant writers and course writers are also often posted here.

2) http://www.entertainmentcareers.net/ — Lots of writing jobs in the entertainment industry.

3) http://www.showbizjobs.com/ — Writing and editing jobs in the show business.

4) http://jobs.marketingpower.com/search/ — Lots of writing jobs to be found at this job search site for marketers.

5) http://www.hrjobnet.com/ — This job search site for HR professionals often has writing jobs.

6) http://www.jobs4hr.com/ — This job bank for HR pros often lists technical writer jobs.

7) http://www.marketingjobs.com/ — This job site lists some marketing writing opportunities.