One way to make a better career for yourself with writing is to put your efforts into a few channels. Rather than just writing one thing, you can be getting several checks in the mail by combining projects. For example, you could be querying magazines and sending articles on spec while also writing a book proposal, trying to get a regular column and writing for local businesses. You could even be taking on different types of writing – copywriting, fiction, and fillers, for example. Some writers find great success by even taking on writing-related tasks – such as consulting, teaching writing, and editing. Wearing lots of hats means you have to have great organizational skills, but it also means that you will be getting money from plenty of sources. Even if one income dries up, you’ll still have money headed your way. Plus, you never know when something will bite. Maybe you will have a hard time selling your short fiction at first but your article will be picked up. You won’t know until you try. And as you work towards success, at least you’ll have varied projects to keep life interesting!

Today’s job leads:

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