I don’t have a ton of time today, but I just wanted to post some leads here:


1) http://www.corecreativegroup.com/ — This web site posts regular writing gigs.

2) http://themusepub.blogspot.com/ — This blog posts plenty of job opps.

3) http://www.careerbuilder.ca/CA/Default.aspx — A general job site, but with lots of writing jobs.

4) http://performancing.com/forum/326 — Lots of blogging jobs listed here.

5) http://www.ralan.com/ — Lots of paying markets for speculative fiction writers.


6) http://www.jobadsusa.com/jobseekers/search.php3 — A general job site, usually with a good selection of writing and editing gigs.

7) http://www.creative-weblogging.com/50226711/jobs.php — A blog with lots of writing jobs, blogging jobs, and editing opportunities.