Many writers worry about getting clips to show editors. Writers worry about published writing so much that they are often willing to take on any writing assignment – even unpaid work – to land first clips. Unfortunately, many employers and publishers have caught on and instead of offering writers payment are claiming that their “jobs” are a great way to get “clips.” Before you take on a no-paying job to get a clip, though, please at least consider an alternative. A small local paper that offers small payment is still a clip – and may be willing to work with you if you have a great idea. Your experience in business writing or in your current work may be enough to land a writing gig. Even a sample article you write and post yourself on your own blog can count. You don’t have to take on unpaid work to show editors you have what it takes. There’s no need to make a profit for employers who don’t want to pay you.


In other news, Lori Cates Hand has very kindly dropped me a note to let me know about her blog, It looks like a fabulous place to get job leads. Thank you so much for letting me know, Lori!


Other job leads for today include:


1) — H-net has a job bank for academic jobs and calls for papers (


2) — A job bank of magazine jobs, many in Canada.


3) — A great site for UK media jobs.


4) — A recruitment site for new media freelancers. No fees.


5) — A general job site for tech professionals. Some good tech writing jobs here.


6) — A great blog of telecommuting writing jobs.


7) — Lots of markets at this great resource.