Why do people see print publication as the sign of a real writer? When you tell people that you’re a writer, they want to know what books you have published and what magazines you have appeared in. While I have a number of print publications to my name, I also happen to be very proud of a number of my online projects. I have built content for entire sites, have helped online businesses sell their wares and have been published online in web-based magazines. It’s no small feat, but non-writers seem primarily interested in the print stuff.


That shouldn’t discourage new writers and established writers alike from pursuing online sources of writing income. When I was just starting out, online writing gigs were my saving grace. I was moving around frequently, and online jobs allowed me to work no matter where I was. The other great thing is that online jobs had quick turnaround times – I was able to apply for a gig or submit an article, get a response quickly (in days, often, rather than the weeks or months most print publications take). Being paid quickly and getting fast feedback did much to boost confidence in those early days.


Even now that I am more established, writing online is a nice complement to print publication. Online writing allows me to enjoy instant gratification, quick payment and a variety of projects. The fact that online business writing pays well doesn’t hurt, either!


For those seeking online and non-virtual writing gigs and jobs, here are some web sites that have leads (And don’t forget to check out WritingHermit’s Big Job and Resource Page for even more places to look):


1) http://www.justtechwriterjobs.com/ — Terrific job search for technical writers.


2) http://www.kppublishing.com/jobseekers.html — This site from book industry recruiters allows you to search for UK jobs in the industry.


3) http://www.lostremote.com/media/jobs — Media jobs in television.


4) http://jobs.magazine.org/search.cfm — Jobs at magazines.


5) http://www.naree.org/index.php?submenu=JobListing&src=jobs&category=Job%20Listings%20from%20Members – Jobs for real estate writers.


6) http://www.netread.com/jobs/jobs/ — Lots of jobs for writers, editors, designers, and artists in the publishing industry, but most are based in the US.


7) http://jobmarket.nytimes.com/jobs/category/meadia-entertainment-jobs — The New York Times job market. Well worth hunting through.