I freelance full-time and have, in fact, never had a “real job” of any stripe. I started freelancing right out of college and was extremely lucky (not to mention stubborn) and had no real problems finding work. From time to time, though, I have toyed with the idea of actually finding a “real” writing job – the type that takes place in an actual office and comes with a steady paycheck. I’m not the only one who wonders whether freelance or full-time is the right way to go.


As far as I can tell, freelancing is great in terms of freedom and flexibility. I take on the projects and clients I want. The few times I had the client from hell, I was able to let them go quickly. I love being able to work on all sorts of projects and being able to work whenever I like. From friends who have had “real” jobs, I hear that working in an office is not always what is cracked up to be. I never worry about commuting or the weather, and I love my comfy home office.


The not-so great thing about freelancing is the lack of steady paycheck. While it gave me huge jitters early on, I have found that as long as you keep working, the money keeps pouring in. The trouble is that some clients are slow to pay and I have to admit to a teeny bit of jealousy when responsibly-employed adults around me enjoyed paid vacations, lunches, and other benefits. I have to admit, the nice benefits are something I wonder about. And of course, that steady check that comes without any worry about the late-paying client. Must be nice.


So what’s kept me from pursuing a full-time writing job. While I’d love the paycheck and the possibility of getting paid to vacation or gossip with co-workers, I’m not so keen about the commute. Or the possible office politics. Or the fact that I would have to show up every day on time. Right now, I can sleep in or put off working on a project until evening if it’s a gorgeous day. I love that. I also doubt that any office cubicle would be as comfy as my own little office.


For now, I will stick with freelancing full time. For those of you who have a full time writing job, my hats off to you. You seem to have more fortitude than I possess at the moment. For those just getting into writing, take some time to consider whether you want to freelance or enter the traditional world of work. It’s a decision well worth mulling over.


And here are today’s links to help you find a great gig or job. Be sure to check out WritingHermit’s Big Job and Resource Page (above) too. I’ve added a few extra links there:

1) http://careers.poynter.org/search/browse/ — This website from Dan Poynter has lots of media-related jobs on offer. Well worth noting.


2) http://www.anthologiesonline.com/index.html — If you want to write for anthologies, you’ll find the latest calls here.


3) http://www.write4kids.com/wmarket/index.html — This web site offers plenty of markets for children’s writers looking to submit their work.


4) http://www.anaxosinc.com/contact.html — This educational media company states on their web site that they are always looking for freelance writers.


5) http://magazinescanada.ca/careers.php?cat=careers — The Magazines Canada Career Centre.


6) http://jobs.scripps.com/?division=14&location=&department=&keywords=&jobId=&search=Search – Lots of media jobs, most in the US.


7) http://www.kerrwil.com/namedPageViewer.php?keyword=employment&PHPSESSID=3d891c61c03d4dd0c92b3f22120f6a54 – This communications company mentions on their web site that they are always looking for new people interested in the publishing industry.