For those who think that writing means staving in a garret, here are just a few of the jobs that writers can turn to:


1) University jobs. Universities are filled with people who love books and there are many positions available – all of them well-paying. If you have an MA degree you can teach. If you are published, you can be a writer-in-residence and there are many research and other positions to be filled.


2) Newspaper jobs. Work as a reporter or on the news floor.


3) Research Jobs. Most writers are great at researching, and there are many companies and organizations looking for someone who


4) Freelance Jobs. For those who love to work for themselves.


5) Advertising Agency Jobs. Ad agencies always need someone to come up with snappy ad copy.


6) Tutoring Jobs. Whether you sign up with a tutoring service or go it alone, there are always students needing help with English and literary classes. Some students also need help with grammar or just want to learn to write.


7) Editing Jobs. If you can spot every error on a page, your services are needed by publishers and also by companies creating their own brochures and promotional materials.


8  )Copywriting jobs.


9) Library jobs. You’re surrounded by books all day and can sneak in reading during down-time. If your library has archives, you may be able to sneak a look into other people’s journals and papers.


10) Freelancing for magazines. Still one of the best ways to build a name and a portfolio while earning a decent living.


11) Non-fiction book author. It may take lots of work, but a book can help you land more jobs and can keep earning you royalties.


12) Fiction author.


13) Jobs with arts councils.


14) Museum jobs. Museums need people to create promotional materials and create displays for the public to see. Plus, all those informational signs and booklets you see have to be written by someone.


15) Publishing house jobs. Publishers need creative types to work at every level.


16) Non-profit jobs. Non-profits need writers to apply for grants and to create fundraising drives.


17) Market research jobs. If you love research as well as writing, this is for you.


18  )Business writing jobs. Writing for companies is one of the most lucrative gigs out there.


19) Government jobs. Governments pay good money for writers and offer great benefits as well. Most governments have easy-to-use job banks, too.


20) Resume writing jobs. You can hang out your own shingle as a resume writer or get on board with a company already providing services.


21) Radio jobs. Every word you hear on the radio has first been written by a writer.


22) Internet writing jobs. Writing online gives you plenty of options. Just watch out for those low-paying gigs.


23) Blog jobs. Some bloggers just don’t have the time to write for their sites and would be happy to have writers help them out.


24) Consultant jobs. Businesses may need help deciding on promotional ideas and campaigns.


25) Newsletter writing jobs.


26) Script writing jobs. You don’t have to go to Hollywood to write scripts. Any company that does lots of cold calling and just about every call center needs someone to come up with scripts that sales agents can use when calling leads.


27) Business video writing jobs. Videos that instruct new employees or clients have to be written before they are produced, and companies are often willing to hire a writer for the job.


28  )Television writing positions. Every image you see on the TV has been imagined, somewhere, by a writer first.


29) Technical writing jobs. If you can make technical jargon easy to understand, this is the job for you.


30) Educational writing jobs. This job is perfect for those who can write education and curriculum materials.


31) Course designing jobs. If you can create a whole course – syllabus, tests, exams, essay questions, labs, and so on, you could do this job.


32) Online teaching jobs. Online courses need someone to instruct, and that person could be you.


33) Information product writing jobs. Information products are CDs, online audio downloads, videos, and even ebooks that teach someone how to do something online.


34) Ghostwriting jobs. Celebrities and company big wigs sometimes don’t have the talent or the time to write books and articles – but they are willing to pay writers handsomely to create the content and give up all rights to it.


35) Author assistant jobs. Successful authors often need writers who can edit, research, and run errands. This can be a great way to get a mentor, too.


36) Professor’s assistant jobs. Some universities hire assistants to help professors with teaching and research duties. You generally need at least one graduate degree to apply, but this is not always the case.


37) Book reviewer jobs.


38  )Movie reviewer jobs.


39) Script reader jobs. Thousands of scripts pour into studios each day and those studios hire readers to go through and separate the gems from the drudge.


40) Book reader jobs. Like Hollywood, publishing houses hire readers to sift through submissions.


41) Editor’s assistant jobs.


42) Letter writing jobs. Companies often need someone to open letters and respond.


43) Ebook writing jobs. Publishing your own ebook can be a way to promote a product or service and it can be a good way to generate some extra revenue.


44) Legal writing jobs. Attorneys need writers to create legal content for blogs, web sites, and more.


45) Medical writing jobs. If you can make medical terms clear to patients or can create content that is useful for doctors, medical writing might be for you.


46) Translation jobs. There are translation services that rework written text from one language to another and services that provide on-the-fly translations verbally over the phone.


47) Book doctor jobs. Writers are always looking for help with strengthening their books and book proposals. If you are a published writer and know what it takes to get a book published, this could be for you.


48  )Anthology jobs. Anthologies are always being released and there are always calls out for personal essays. If you have some good stories to tell, you can create a nice side income for yourself.


49) Food writing jobs. From cookbooks to food guides and nutritional booklets, there is always demand for those who can write about food.


50) Academic writing jobs. Academic journals and presses are also looking for writers who can intelligently discuss a variety of topics.


51) Co-author gigs. There are writers out there who need another writer to complete a book.


52) Columnists. Columnists get paid to write about a topic they love. Syndicated columnists get paid for every publication that carries their column, so this can be a lucrative gig.


53) Game writers. Board games and video games both need writers to come up with concepts, cards, and storylines.


I will have more writing options for writers soon, but this list should get you thinking. If you have never clicked on publishing house web sites – or university web sites, or media company sites – to look for jobs, it’s time to expand your job search. In the meantime, here are some more places to hunt for writing-related jobs:


1) — Osprey Media is a media company in Canada. Check out their job section.


2) — Another media company out of Canada.


3) – This UK site lists media and news jobs.


4) — More Canadian media jobs.


5) — US Federal jobs – writing opportunities do crop up here. I ran a search for “writer” today and came up with 58 hits across the country.


6) — Even more media jobs from Canada


7) — Canada government jobs.


8 ) – More Canadian government jobs.


9) — A general job search page from Canada, listing many writing jobs. I typed in “writer” and got 44 hits today.