You’ve probably heard of zen koans. They are those questions without rational answers – questions such as “what is the sound of one hand clapping?” Buddhist monks ask these questions of novices and any novice silly enough to try to come up with a rational answer is generally whacked with a bamboo stick. Such is the route to enlightenment, or so I hear.


There are certainly times during writing when it feels that you are being whacked with a bamboo stick. If you’re very lucky, there are also moments when writing comes close to enlightenment, when a certain phrase just clicks or when you discover some great new insight. It’s what makes writers keep writing, despite the stings of rejections and writer’s block. I hope this year you have more peace and fewer stings.


Today, here are more places where you can find markets and writing jobs:


1) — If you live in Canada, CBC is the media outfit to consider for writing and media jobs. Their job bank is easy to search, as well.


2) – This job board is worth watching for occasional work-at-home and other writing jobs.


3) — This web site is great for finding journalist positions and other writing jobs.


4) — If you are looking for free writer’s markets and guidelines, this is great site. Sign up for their free newsletter, too.


5) — Not necessarily just for writers, this is a great spot to learn more about publications in different fields. Lots of free information here.


6) — Media bistro offers classes and events and lists plenty of media jobs. You need to register to use the site, but registration is free.


7)!-179007950 – This is a site I just discovered, but it seems like a good resource from what I see so far.


8 ) — Writing and news job leads.


9) – If you are more interested in editing jobs rather than just writing jobs, try this web site.